Diamonds Are Abundant Contrary To Jewelry Stores Making Us Believe That They Are Scarce.

They are basically monopolized by The De Beers cartel that keeps them in safe houses just to create an artificial scarcity. They are basically just a fine stone. They are artificially expensive and can be bought in many African countries as low as $15 for one carat. They have zero resale value, the only reason it claims they are forever is that one is essentially stuck with it.

Artificial Diamond or Gem in a Top of the Line Gold Fix? This Will Be Below A $1,000.

That 'Perfect' Diamond Has Been Face-Lifted

The diamonds in a jeweller’s case are not always what they appear to be. Sometimes they are fracture-filled, for those with visible cracks. These diamond stones are so misleadingly overpriced and exaggerated.

We All Usually Buy Our Gold And Platinum Settings From One Source

There are only a hand-full of major suppliers, usually one key national or global manufacturer. The same suppliers provide for e-commerce stores, allowing others to get quality online as can be gotten in a brick and mortar store, and for even a cheaper price.

They Are Blood Diamonds

The stones have come from slaved labour and financed war persons with the frequent blood of innocent children shed. The Kimberley process supposed to avoid conflict diamonds is just a PR stunt. Diamonds are still smuggled to countries certified as free from conflict

 They Don’t Want You To Purchase That Wedding Ring Online

It is cheaper when it is bought online. They will go far to put doubt in your mind about buying from the online store. The younger generations understand shopping online more and tend to trust it.

They Only Care About Their Sales Goals

A jewellery salesperson has demanding sales target that change almost monthly. They don’t really care about you as a person or what your sweetheart thinks. They sway you to make a larger purchase which means they have to work less towards getting to their sales goal.

They Switched Your Stones With A Fake

Diamond switching doesn’t happen on a daily basis; however, experts say you are not suspicious of what goes on in their back room. People most times are unaware of what they have; they don’t even know how to differentiate it from man-made stones.

Your Warranty Is Not Firm

They offer a lifetime warranty on their rings in cities and college towns knowing women won’t be there for much longer or remember to have their ring checked biannually. Students move in and out of a location within some years, which in that time would have rendered the warranty invalid. This way the store makes so much money.

The 50% Off At Jewelry Stores Are Not Actually Sales

Do not fall for the sales price in the newspaper. You are most likely going to pay more than the actual price.